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Computer Software • 21 employees
Based in New York, NY With Remote Employees

Crisp is a software company that helps food suppliers, retailers, and farmers reduce food waste. They’re a 100% remote company with 21 employees located around the globe.

“Trakstar Hire support is ten times better than what we previously experienced. They respond right away and don’t just tell me workarounds. They actually teach me things I didn’t know about the software.”

-Minho Cho, Recruiter

Challenges before Trakstar Hire

In early 2019, the team at Crisp set out to find a new applicant tracking system (ATS). Their previous ATS presented multiple challenges, including:

  • They couldn’t customize the hiring workflow for different roles in the software. They had to use the same stages for every position or contact support to request stages be added or removed. 
  • Many of the ATS features were add-ons that cost extra. The team wasn’t aware they wouldn’t have full access until they were up and running with the system. 
  • The software imported their hiring team’s emails but it was difficult to search through the conversation history and find a specific message.
  • Customer support took a day or longer to reply and was rarely helpful. Most of their responses suggested a vague workaround that didn’t fully resolve the problem. 

How Hire solved their challenges 

Crisp transitioned to Trakstar Hire in Spring 2019 and now enjoys a seamless hiring experience with their new ATS. They’ve experienced the following benefits to date:

  • They’re able to customize the screening, interview, and evaluation stages for different roles with no outside assistance needed. 
  • They have access to all Hire features for the fixed price they were quoted. There are never any billing surprises.
  • Keeping track of all hiring-related communication is simple with Hire. Email threads are easy to sort through and Crisp team members can send new messages directly from the ATS as if they were in their inbox. 
  • Hire support responds the same day, often within the hour, and provides helpful solutions that lead to the Crisp team having a better understanding of the software.

Key takeaways

  • Crisp recruiter Minho Cho contacted Hire support and recommended a small improvement that could be made to the reporting functionality. Much to his surprise, support passed his idea along to the product team and they made the improvement.
  • The team at Crisp is collaborating within the ATS. Minho easily shares candidate profiles by tagging colleagues who then provide their thoughts using the comments feature.

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