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Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative (PVT)

Telecommunications • 50 employees
Based in Artesia, NM

Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative (PVT) provides internet, cable, home security, and phone services to communities throughout southeastern New Mexico. They use Trakstar Hire to hire as part of the overall Trakstar Platform.

“When I found Trakstar, it was a big win. I knew we would need to automate both processes and everything came together perfectly.”

-Melanie Weber, HR Manager

Challenges before Trakstar Hire 

In 2018, PVT set out to find a new applicant tracking system (ATS). They would eventually need a new performance management system but overcoming the following hiring challenges was their initial priority:

  • Their online application didn’t integrate with the careers section of their website or automatically push openings to Indeed and other popular job boards.
  • The application process was clunky and outdated. Applicants couldn’t apply on their mobile devices and even applying on a computer was a poor experience.
  • Since the reach of their openings was limited and the application process was frustrating, PVT struggled to attract a high-volume of qualified candidates. 
  • Many of PVT’s HR functions were manual and time-consuming. HR Manager Melanie Weber knew that automating processes like hiring and performance management would simplify her job and benefit employees and candidates alike. 

How Hire solved their challenges 

After being impressed with Trakstar Hire during the demo process, PVT learned Trakstar was also available. They implemented both systems in 2018 and now enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Using the jobs widget in Hire, PVT posts job openings to their careers website and favorite job boards with just a few clicks.
  • The application process is modern and seamless. Candidates can apply from their phone, tablet, or computer in minutes.
  • PVT now attracts job seekers from all over southeastern New Mexico and other areas, giving them plenty of candidates to interview and evaluate for all their available positions. 
  • In less than a year after implementing Trakstar, two of PVT’s most labor-intensive HR functions are now automated and producing better results. 

Key results

  • Melanie found it easy to set up and learn the Trakstar Platform.
  • PVT experiences stellar customer support from both companies. Melanie receives quick and helpful responses when she reaches out and enjoys our help articles, webinars, and video training. 

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