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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Candidate Sourcing Software

Take the stress out of talent acquisition with Recruiterbox’s candidate sourcing software. Quickly post to a variety of job boards, social media sites, and more. Cast a wide net for both job seekers and even passive candidates with the Recruiterbox candidate sourcing tools.

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“We are constantly searching to hire the best people for the job. Hire allows us to reach deeper into online sites for candidates.”

Merryl Nik-Khah, Human Resources Director, Beauty Brands

“We looked at everything, and I really found an exceptional user experience with Hire. It's very intuitive and easy to use. You guys nailed it!”

Brian Manning, Co-founder, Centric Digital

Harness the Power of Social Media Sharing

Whether your company’s preferred option for candidate sourcing is LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, Recruiterbox’ social media sharing option is a great tool that allows you to post openings to your social accounts directly within the software.

Let job seekers come to you via the power of social recruiting.

Forward Emails With Ease

With Recruiterbox, you can eliminate one of the most laborious parts of the recruitment process: opening each email, downloading the resume and then uploading it, as most applicant tracking services require.

Our software has a great tool that will create unique email addresses so you can just forward the candidate information, and it will automatically be imported with the other candidate profiles

Post Your Job Search Far and Wide

Not sure if your sourcing tools will guarantee that your posting will appear in search engines? With Recruiterbox, you can be assured that your job posting will automatically be published on five top job search engines which will ease your recruitment process for finding the best candidates.

Available Job Search Engines:

  • Indeed
  • SimplyHired
  • Glassdoor
  • ApplyIQ
  • ZipRecruiter

Whether you’re looking for developers, engineers, writers or qualified candidates for virtually any position, we make sure your job post gets in front of the right candidates. Job hunters can apply via the job boards, and their candidate experience and contact information will go directly to your Recruiterbox account and into the resume database

Tap Into the Magic of Referrals

When you’re looking for just the right candidate, a referral can be pure gold, resulting in a more effective and efficient recruiting process. Recruiterbox makes it easy to grant referrers access to the applicant tracking system with a unique link and email address, and two levels of access depending on your needs.

You also can use the software to track referrals to see which sources are providing the best candidates, which will help you fine-tune your talent acquisition strategy.

Welcome External Recruiters

Many companies have realized the power of external recruiters in connecting them to the right candidates, particularly hard-to-reach passive candidates. With Recruiterbox, it’s easy to add external users to our applicant tracking system by using a unique link and email address that will identify the recruiter as a referrer. When they add a candidate through the link or send a candidate’s resume, a candidate profile will automatically be created.

Recruiterbox has a number of analytics that will help you see which recruiters are bringing the best candidates, to help hone your talent acquisition strategy.


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