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Applicant Tracking System ROI Guide

Calculate the return on investment of hiring software

ROI permeates every decision organizations are expected to make. The good news is an ATS is always a smart investment. Hiring is costly, time-consuming, and mistake-prone and software makes the entire process more efficient and effective. But you were asked for specifics so we created this handy guide to help you determine if an ATS will result in a positive return for your organization. Download and learn how to:
  • Apply ROI to hiring efforts
    We give you an adjusted ROI formula you can use to calculate the return of an ATS.
  • Calculate the time savings of an ATS
    The guide includes a worksheet you can use to add up all the hours you're currently spending on hiring.
  • Make better hires
    An ATS includes numerous features that lead to deeper candidate evaluations and smarter hiring decisions.

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