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Archive Applicants

Your job openings attract a lot of great candidates but you can’t hire them all. You need to focus on the people still in contention but don’t want to write off the other candidates forever. With archiving, you can save candidate profiles for future consideration.

Build a Pool of Archived Candidates

Some candidates are a better fit for a different job. Having a pool of achieved candidates gives you the opportunity to reconnect with people who previously expressed interest in working for your company and have the skills and background you value. Keep your pool organized by labeling candidates with the reason they were archived so you can quickly find the right people when the time comes.

Maintain an Organized Hiring Workflow

Every candidate who applies for a job is attached to the hiring workflow until they’re advanced to the next stage or removed from consideration. With archiving, you can efficiently narrow down your applicant list without deleting a talented candidate forever. Save time by archiving multiple candidates at once or opting to auto-archive every rejected candidate.

Easily Reconnect with Previous Candidates

Original candidate profiles are saved along with important details, like the role the candidate previously applied for and any notes left by the hiring team. You can send them an email directly from Trakstar Hire or check their LinkedIn profile to see if they’re still on the market.

Organize and Retain

Archiving is a great way to save high-quality candidates who didn’t make the cut. You can keep your active candidate lists as tight as possible, while easily accessing archived candidates for future opportunities.

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