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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Bulk Resume Upload

All Your Resumes in One Place

You want to hit the ground running with your new ATS. We make it easy to upload all the resumes you’ve collected into Trakstar Hire so no candidate falls through the cracks. They’re converted into candidate profiles and duplicates are removed, ensuring your system is organized from the start.

Upload with ZIP and CSV Files

Don’t sweat different resume file types. Bulk upload them all as a ZIP or CSV file and watch as they’re parsed and converted into individual candidate profiles. All the details you need are consistently formatted and searchable in profiles.

Quick and Comprehensive

Uploading multiple resumes to Hire through a ZIP or CSV file will save you a ton of time, while ensuring no resume is accidentally overlooked.

See why thousands of top companies use Trakstar Hire to manage hiring

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