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Candidate Auto-response

Stay in Touch with Candidates

Candidates want to know you’ve received their application. It gives them peace of mind their qualifications will be reviewed and keeps them invested in the opportunity. With Trakstar Hire, candidates will be sent an automated email as soon as they submit their application.

Craft the Perfect Message

Auto-response messages can be customized to highlight whatever information you need to share with applicants. You can let them know how long it will take for their application to be reviewed or temper expectations by telling them about the high volume of candidates you’ve received.

Capture Replies

If a candidate replies, their email won’t fall into a black hole. It will end up in the sender’s inbox so they can respond if necessary. Additionally, the email is logged on the messaging history in the candidate’s profile.

Quickly Convey Your Message

You realistically can’t type a thank you note to every person who applies. Auto-response allows you to reply to application submissions fast and efficiently.

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