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EEOC Compliance

Simplified EEOC Reporting

Giving applicants the option to provide EEOC information is an important part of the hiring process. Trakstar Hire includes a standard EEO questionnaire that can be included on your job application or emailed to candidates. You can generate and export a compliance report in the event the EEOC or your legal counsel need the information.

Bias-Free Hiring

While collecting EEOC information is important, it should never have any bearing on your hiring decisions. If a candidate opts to complete the questionnaire, the information provided is not displayed on their candidate profile. It’s only accessible if you choose to generate a compliance report.

Compliance Made Easy

It’s easy to ensure your organization follows EEOC requirements when you use Hire. Our standard questionnaire allows you to focus on making the best hires, while knowing your organization is following federal law.

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