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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Jobs Widget

Simplified Navigation

Once a job seeker sees how great it is to work for your organization, they should easily find the role that suits them. If you have a lot of openings, make them searchable by department, location, or position type. It only takes a few clicks for a careers website visitor to find and apply for their dream job.

A Consistent Look and Feel

Your entire website needs to adhere to your brand guidelines. Our jobs widget always matches your website design when displaying your openings. It will appear as if your open roles are just another page on your site.

Customize as You Wish

Do you need to display your available roles on a different page of your website or make other tweaks to your openings? Your development team can tap into Trakstar Hire’s API and customize your job openings as needed.

Make Your Pitch

Talented candidates don’t want just any job. They want to work for an amazing organization that shares their values. Attract the right candidates with a detailed careers page, then use our jobs widget to present them with a list of available jobs.

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