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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Opening Settings

The Right Setting at the Right Time

Job openings are your gateway to the world of applicants. Trakstar Hire offers five different opening settings so you can properly manage your hiring process:

  • Draft – Not visible to anyone outside of Hire. The opening can be edited while you and your team prepare to post it on your careers website and job boards.
  • Published – The opening is live and automatically posted to your careers website. Candidates can apply with no restrictions.
  • Not Accepting Candidates – The opening is not visible to the outside world but still live in Hire. This setting is ideal for when you have enough candidates to proceed to the next step in your hiring process.
  • Internal – Similar to the “Not Accepting Candidates” setting, except a private application link can be generated by Hire users. Use this setting when you have enough candidates to move forward but still may be seeking passive candidates or referrals.
  • Archived – You’ve finished hiring and need to close the opening. Instead of deleting it for good, archive it in the event you need to hire for the role again in the future.

Manage Your Job Openings

Hire’s job opening settings allow you to seamlessly manage the flow of candidates into your ATS. Apply the right setting depending on where you’re at with your hiring efforts.

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