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Openings API

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Maybe you want to display your various openings on different pages of your website–engineering openings in the engineering section, marketing openings in the marketing section, etc. You desire more customization than a jobs widget or standard job board can provide.

Your Openings, Your Way

If you need your openings to display a certain way, our software API is the perfect solution. Not only does it support tags, but it can also be built from scratch for ultimate customization. When you generate your API key in the recruiting software, you can retrieve all of your openings, as well as retrieve specific openings and their application form fields.

Customization and Collection

You can customize the openings on your website precisely the way you see fit with our recruiting software’s openings API. When accessing all of the information collected through the API, you’ll find it all in the same place in your Trakstar Hire account, making it easy to manage.

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