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Candidate & Resume Search

With so many candidates, looking for a certain resume or group of applicants used to be an undertaking. Using Trakstar Hire's advanced search functionality, you can find exactly who you’re looking for with a few keystrokes. Experience all the benefits of having an extensive candidate database while never feeling overwhelmed trying to manage it.

Pinpoint Candidates with a Single Word

Do you need to find candidates who listed a certain skill in their resume? Or are you looking for a certain email or evaluation but can’t remember whose profile it’s on? Search for text terms that appear in a candidate’s resume or in the comments and messaging history on their profile.

The Answer You’re Looking For

Application questions aren’t helpful if you lose track of responses. You can search for certain terms that appear in written answers or filter by a specific multiple-choice selection. Find the candidates who meet your baseline requirements so you proceed with the right people.

The Right Candidate Pool

Do you only need to sort through the candidates who applied for a certain job? You can not only apply search criteria for a specific opening, but you can also narrow your search to a particular stage. Focus on the right candidate pool and find who you’re looking for.

Revisit Past Candidates

It’s a good idea to step back and review your hiring track record every once in a while. Our search function lets you filter past candidates by the specific reason they weren’t hired. Discover what you could have done better and improve going forward.

The Exact Right Results

Maybe you need to locate candidates who meet multiple criteria or filter out certain candidates from the results. Hire comes with Boolean search functionality so you can apply AND / OR qualifiers. Search for multiple terms (“sales” AND Boston”), either or criteria (“Business Administration” OR “MBA”).

The Needle in the Haystack

Organization is key when you have a large candidate database. Our search functionality helps you find a single candidate or group of candidates without a hitch.

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