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Why Hiring Fast is Good Candidate Experience

In Hiring Strategy — by Trakstar

Hiring is pretty much at the center at everything we do here at Trakstar. Since we work with startups and small businesses, we put a great deal of emphasis on hiring FAST. Now, when you say “hiring fast” sometimes people assume that things like quality of hire and candidate experience go out the window but that is the farthest thing from the truth.

In fact, let’s be real. Candidate experience could do with a shot of expediency! After all, even passive candidates want to know whether they’ve got the job or not! So here are some ways you can hire fast and how it can increase candidate experience.

Get Organized

You can’t hire fast if you aren’t pulled together. A system like Trakstar Hire helps keep applications, resumes and actions in one place and allows you to search in a way that feels natural to you. Being able to quickly access your files, email candidates and figure out who on your team is tasked with the next step in the process will allow you to hire faster. Consider this statement by Robert Half International on Forbes:

Don’t dilly-dally. Once you identify your dream candidate, don’t lose that candidate because you’re dragging your feet in the hiring process. Good candidates – even in a lousy economy – are in demand, and you can easily lose the good ones (and wind up with the bad ones) by failing to make an offer once you pinpoint your best candidate.

Set parameters early. And often.

If you know precisely what you can offer and when, you’ll be able to pull the trigger without jumping through a lot of hoops. Whether it’s a simple salary structure that corresponds with your job descriptions or knowing which openings have work-flex options, having the information at your fingertips before the interview talk turns serious can snag you the top talent…instead of your competitor.

Set attainable goals

If you are using a system that tracks accountability, you can easily identify how long a successful hire can and should take. By tracking your team’s progress and bottlenecks, you’ll be able to eliminate lengthy inefficiencies and increase the time to hire. By setting goals that you know your team has achieved in the past, you can create a healthy velocity in your hiring team, which in turn gets people hired faster.

Capture all data

Snagajob’s managing editor calls this ” sealing our sourcing cracks ” and describes it:

Are you capturing all your walk-in applicants consistently across all locations? Are online applications being sent to hiring managers without delay? Is there a waiting list of all-star applicants you can call in a pinch?

If you aren’t set up to ensure that you grab all the data on candidates in your target market, then you are ultimately clogging the talent pipeline and taking forever to hire.

Get Concensus

If your internal team isn’t agreed on the job description, here’s a news flash your search will take MONTHS to fill. Get agreement early and enthusiastically .

“Few companies have taken the time to write the profile and discriminate between what’s desired and what’s required,” says Lee Salz, president of Sales Architects in Minneapolis. Even the nature of the core responsibilities of an open position can become an issue in today’s organizational culture.

All of these things increase candidate experience. Why? Because recruiters aren’t stressed or desperate (this makes the interview more relaxed), candidates get hired faster and feel more secure with their place in the company, managers and company stakeholders are chill because they aren’t losing revenue for every day a crucial position is left unfilled. Added bonus? Your employer brand gets a boost for being decisive, efficient and easy to work with.

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