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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Manage User Roles & Permissions

Account Level User Roles

Once you’re up and running with Trakstar Hire, you’ll see there is a lot to the software. You can give anyone in your organization access and assign them one of four user roles:

  • Super Admin – Full account access, including billing settings and reporting.
  • Recruitment Manager – Can create and set up openings and manage hiring activities (schedule interviews, advance candidates through stages, message candidates).
  • Recruiter – Can manage hiring activities on any opening they’ve been assigned to but cannot create and set up openings.
  • Hiring Team Member – Can review a candidate’s background and provide interview feedback by writing notes on profiles. They’re unable to manage any hiring activities.

Super admins can customize some of the capabilities of Hire user roles. You can expand and reduce permissions depending on how your organization divvies up hiring responsibilities.

Job Level User Roles

Within your ATS are different job openings that will involve various people from inside, or maybe even outside, your organization. You can assign the following user roles for a specific opening:

  • Job Admin – Has full access to the opening, regardless of their account-level user role.
  • Stage Coordinator – Able to manage activities for a certain stage in the hiring workflow and advance candidates to the next stage.
  • Interviewers and/or Reviewers – Can review a candidate’s background and leave interview feedback.
  • External Recruiting Agency – Can submit candidates but are unable to view candidates from any other source. They also cannot message candidates but are able to communicate with certain Hire users within the software.
  • Employee Referral – Can submit candidates or generate a unique application link to send to a friend or family member.

Just the Right Amount of Access

Trakstar Hire is your hub for all things hiring. You can invite any one of your employees to participate and provide them with the ideal permission level for what they need to do.

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