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You’re down to a few candidates who interviewed well and look good on paper. But how do you know who really has the knowledge and skills to excel at the job? Create assessment questionnaires in Trakstar Hire to learn more about your finalists’ qualifications.

Create the Perfect Questionnaire

Some questions require simple answers and others call for an in-depth explanation. You can build assessments with different question formats like single-line answer, paragraph answer, multiple choice, and more. Let candidates know what type of response you’re looking for so they craft a proper answer.

Hear Directly from the Candidate

Want to hear a candidate explain their thought process and get a sense for how they communicate? You can request and accept video responses too. Candidates can seamlessly upload their recording right into their Trakstar Hire candidate profile.

Gather Answers in One Place

You can do better than cluttering your inbox with candidate assessments. After sending a questionnaire via Hire, a blue icon will appear next to the candidate’s profile when it’s complete. You view responses whenever you need to and even filter and search for certain answers.

No Hiring Mistakes

Hiring a candidate who seems great but ultimately can’t do the job is a mistake you can’t afford to make. Use questionnaires to put your candidates to the test and make smart hires.

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