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4 More Ways to Find the Right Job Candidate Online

In Sourcing — by Trakstar

So, let’s say you’ve created a career opportunities page on your website, shared it on social media , and even bought a few bits of social advertising , but you still want to expand the search or try new avenues. Here are a few additional places and ways to look to find new employees!

Niche Job Boards

Monster, Careerbuilder, and your local newspaper are not the only places to post your available job opportunities. When you are looking for someone in a particular field, try searching Google for niche job boards. Simply search a keyword for the position you are looking to fulfill and then add “job board” to your query.

The advantage of posting on niche job boards is that they are usually less expensive and you will get more qualified job leads for your listing.

Job Boards on Blogs

Do you read major blogs, knowing that your perfect employee probably reads them as well? If so, poke around their website to see if they have a job board. Many popular blogs do now!

Here are a few examples:

  • Mashable, one of the largest websites for social media and technology, has their own job board for businesses seeking employees in social media, marketing, technology, or business.
  • ProBlogger, a popular resource for bloggers, has a job board for businesses seeking bloggers or writers.
  • VentureBeat, a technology blog focusing on innovative companies, has a job board for businesses seeking people in IT, sales, engineering, and other related fields.
  • Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional web designers and developers, has a job board for businesses seeking skilled programmers and designers.

Again, the advantages to using job boards on blogs is that you will probably spend less on your listing than other major job search sites and you will also be more likely to get qualified leads.

College Job Boards & Newspapers

Want someone about to graduate or fresh out of college? Chances are, there are lots of students preparing to graduate who are already on the lookout for a job to move into. Try looking at local university websites to see if they have an online job board or newspaper that you can advertise your listing in.

Don’t just look at major universities – expand your search to more technical / vocational colleges whose students might fill your open job position perfectly!


Lots of people today are not only looking for jobs on Craigslist , but they are also posting ads about themselves and the jobs they are seeking.

Most employers will get a high volume of response from a Craigslist ad. Just be sure to make yours specific enough that you will only get resumes from those who fill your job requirements. This means you should include:

  • The exact job title you are looking to fill. Think about the keywords that people will be searching for as your write the headline for your ad.
  • Job requirements & qualifications necessary. If you won’t take someone unless they have a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, make sure that is in your listing.
  • Salary / compensation details. This way you won’t get people who will walk once they find out you aren’t paying as much as they thought you would.

A non-descriptive ad could lead to a flood of unwanted inquires, therefore you will want to make your ad count by being as detailed as possible. It’s better to receive ten resumes from people you wish you could hire immediately because they are such a perfect fit than to wade through hundreds.

About the Author

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer , blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing, including social networking strategies and blogging tips.

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