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5 Things To Know: Hiring A Delivery Driver (As A Contractor Or An Employee)

In Human Resources — by Trakstar


      1. Check with the IRS. Make sure your company knows the necessary tax filings and is adhering to all IRS regulations regarding hiring and paying independent contractors.
      2. If the delivery drivers: deliver exclusively for your company, your company controls their hours and how they do their work, your company decide whether they wear a uniform–then they cannot be classified as a contractor. It is more difficult to get a delivery driver classified as an independent contractor without breaking labor laws, etc. Since delivery drivers, for the most part, have to operate within the limits of company policies, time constraints, and usually only work for one company they should not be classified as independent contractors. Think of the mistake FedEx made.
    1. Check your state’s Labor Laws. While you may have an independent contractors agreement already written, there are certain labor laws that you must work within to hire delivery drivers independent contractors. As I said above, many state laws make it almost impossible to hire a delivery or truck driver as an independent contractor without breaking labor laws. Be sure to thoroughly check the state labor laws of the state(s) your drivers will be working in .
    2. Regardless of whether your delivery drivers are classified as employees or independent contractors they should have: a good attitude because they represent the company, auto insurance, and a clean driving record. You don’t want this to happen to your company.
  1. How much should they be paid? Good question! Whether or not you hire delivery drivers as employees or independent contractors they need to be paid fair wages. Here is a resource that can help you figure out how much you should be paying your drivers. Hiring them as independent contractors is less expensive, which often why companies try to cut corners and costs by calling them independent contractors, but treating them like employees. Don’t try to cut corners, do the right thing.

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