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6 Kinds of People I would Never Hire

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Small business owners often receive advice on what kind of people to be hired. However, there are certain kinds of people who if hired could do more harm than good. This article identifies six kinds of people to avoid while hiring:

The Self-Promoters

Be careful about people who talk too much about themselves. Self-centric people are rarely good team players. They always work for their individual success and not for the company.

The Exhibitionists

Have you come across people with ‘have done this’ or ‘I know it all’ attitude? This shows they are not open to learning new things. You need honest employees who agree that they do not know and are willing to learn quickly.

The Liars

Beware of people who have worked in several companies before and cannot give reasonable explanations as to why they quit. Ignore those who turn up late for the interview and offer lame excuses. This only shows that they are careless as well.

The Whiners

It is difficult to manage crybabies, especially when you are a startup. They will find faults in everything you offer and may influence other employees too. They will always be bent upon having things done their way.

The Idlers

These people seldom make any effort and expect success to show up on its own. They spend time running around, browsing websites, and shuffling papers to show how busy they are. They appear to be working hard but come up with no results at the end of the day.

The Pessimists

They can never see anything positive. The glass is half empty and hope is diminished. They lack enthusiasm, resist progress and spread their negativity across the company.

Analyzing people and their personalities in one meeting can be tough. This article can help you learn more about candidates using LinkedIn.

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