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9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

In Company Culture — by Trakstar

It is surprising when many business owners and entrepreneurs question, “Do I really need a blog, when I already have a website?” The common notion that they have is that it is too difficult to set up a blog and that maintaining one takes a lot of time. For all the small business owners and start-ups in doubt about blogging, here are nine reasons you should blog:

To share your expertise

Sharing your experience, thoughts, tips and strategies on the blog can position you as a thought leader or an expert.


To optimize for search engines

Search engines always like fresh content. Having a blog gives you an easy opportunity to update content frequently.

To personalize

There is no fixed and hard rule on how to blog. You can create a blog theme and personalize it to match your business.


To interact

Blogs are usually written in a conversational way. They add a personal touch to your business. You can easily have conversations or get instant feedback from your visitors.

To create a buzz

Blogs act like free PR for your business. You can easily promote any idea or event or a video or a product update through your blog.


To grow your network

If you are posting informative content with value, a relevant group of readers are bound to follow your blog. This is the simplest way to earn subscribers and readership.


To attract visitors for your main site

Blogs with good content and a growing base is a good source of visits to your site homepage.

Easy to use

You can create a blog and start posting on it within minutes as blogging tools require no training. You can kick start blogging on simple platforms like Blogger .


Costs less

Blogs can be used as an alternative to adding content to your website as it does not require a lot of money or resources to maintain.

It is crucial to understand that a blog is neither a replacement to your website nor a competitor. It is also not a mandatory element to run your business. However, a blog definitely complements your website and adds value to your online presence.

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