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All You Need to Know to Hire A Certified Medical Assistant: A Comprehensive Guide

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It’s very important to hire certified medical assistants for your practice, hospital, or clinic. It can be done quickly with candidates who are qualified and have at least six months of experience. There are several reasons why you should hire Medical Assistants, the most obvious being to assist your doctors and nurses and make service more efficient. Here are the top two reasons:

  1. You can tailor their duties to fit your practice to make patient-care more cost-effective and efficient.

  2. They can help manage the increasing complexity of patient care, which is both administrative and clinical.

For more reasons and a comprehensive write up of what medical assistants can do for your practice, read this article . Once you’ve made the decision to hire medical assistants or want to add more medical assistants to your team, it’s important to hastily hire the right candidates who are qualified.

A question that comes up when hiring many medical assistants at once or for the first time is: do you need an administrative staffing agency to get the best qualified medical assistant? Maxim Staffing and Interim Healthcare are very popular staffing solutions. However, you do not need to use a staffing agency to get the right medical assistants for your practice. Job boards like Indeed and Monster are great places to find certified medical assistants. As long as you put ‘certified’ in the job title and job description there will be many qualified applicants. Plenty of young professionals are going to school to be medical assistants and getting certified after they graduate from a program, doing externships, and looking for jobs.

Writing an informative and compelling job description that captures the vision and values of your practice or hospital will have many top applicants vying for the job. If you want to rewrite your old/generic medical job description, get help . Otherwise, you can use this description as a sample. Any qualified medical assistant will know the general duties that he or she should be able to do, but if you’d like to add in duties/responsibilities specific to your practice/hospital, which is recommended, then you should make sure to customize your job description to fit the needs of your organization.

If you need help determining what types of duties your medical assistant can do, here is a great resource . Some states add duties to the medical assistant job description depending on local or regional regulations, guidelines, and practices. Generally the main things to consider are whether or not the medical assistant(s) will solely be administrative, clinical , or both. Use this resource for more on that.

When hiring a medical assistant for a certain department you can decide if they need experience specific to that department ahead of time or can be trained on the job. Some practices do onsite training for all of their medical assistants, others expect that medical assistants have enough experience so that they do not need much training, or any training at all. It is up to your organization to decide between paid training or unpaid training, but to save money and time you can hire a medical assistant with specific externship or work experience.

Should a pediatric medical assistant have experience specific to pediatrics? That’s for your practice to decide, but all medical assistants, regardless of specialization, should have a certification and Associates degree in Medical Assisting. Some practices will accept an Associates degree in Medical Assisting without a CMA Certification, while others expect an Associates degree and CMA certification. If a person is serious about creating a career as a medical assistant they will have both, or if they only have an Associates degree they won’t mind getting CMA certified upon accepting a job offer.

Hiring a quality, certified, medical assistant who is caring and patient is important. There is a lot of demand from young professionals for medical assistant jobs. As long as you have the right information and resources, you can make this process seamless and efficient.

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