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Battle at Kruger: Teamwork At Its Best!

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

This popular video on YouTube now has more than 66 million views and over 79,000 comments. Named ‘Battle at Kruger,’ this video was shot at Kruger National Park, in Africa.

In the video, a herd of African buffalos comes near a water hole. A pride of lions are waiting stealthily to charge on the buffalos. The buffalos scatter and run in different directions. The lions target and corner a buffalo calf. While attempting to kill it, they accidentally push it into the water hole. The crocodiles in the water try to grab the buffalo calf into the water without success. The lions now have the calf all for themselves and they prepare to eat it.

Suddenly the lions are surrounded by the buffalo herd, now reorganized. They get closer to the lions, start charging and kicking. The lions fight back. However, the unified attack from the buffalos crumbled the courage of the lions. They back off completely when one of the lions gets tossed into the air by a buffalo. The calf, injured but alive, seizes this opportunity and rejoins the herd. The other lions are chased away.

This was a tremendous display of teamwork by the buffalos. They had a clear goal and they achieved it together. Watch the video .

Building a strong team and making them work towards a single goal is important for every small business owner. Here are some tips to encourage and implement teamwork at your workplace:

  • Explain the goals and objectives to your team. Make sure they understand them clearly.
  • Delegate the right tasks to the right people based on individual strength, skills and expertise. Clarify any doubts the team members might have.
  • Involve all the team members while making crucial decisions. Hold discussions and take suggestions. Make them feel important to gain their commitment.
  • Spend time with team members individually to know them personally. Build confidence and offer support. Give constructive feedback.
  • Have open communication and encourage honesty. Recognize when there are conflicts and resolve them at the earliest.
  • Create a positive environment. Be flexible wherever applicable. Appreciate folks in public when they achieve a goal. Find various ways to reward the team.

Investing time in strengthening the team is challenging but definitely rewarding. Do you have any story that demonstrates successful team work? Send an email to .

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