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Dress Codes: Do They Matter? [Infographic]

In Human Resources — by Erin Engstrom

Corporate dress codes can enhance the public image of a business, as well as improve employee attitudes and sense of buy-in with their employer. They can also negatively impact morale and get businesses in trouble with labor laws. That’s why organizations need to be smart about whether to establish a dress code and what to require.

A dress code can establish a tone for a business, making employees easily identifiable and influencing how that business is perceived. Dress codes aren’t right for every business and every employee, however. Overly strict dress codes can negatively impact morale – especially among employees who don’t interact with the public, and who may feel having to dress to the nines or wear a name tag is silly or degrading.

When establishing a set of standards for workplace dress, employers should consider the nature of employees’ work, what type of clothing is appropriate for this work, and whether implementing and enforcing the dress code would be worth the effort. Employers must also consider whether certain clothing should be required for safety reasons, and ensure dress codes do not discriminate based on gender. Check out this infographic from Recruiterbox to learn more about how to make company dress codes work.

dress codes infographic

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