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Hiring Early Employees – Expert Thoughts

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Hiring early employees is a crucial step in the growth of a small business. As the business owner, you might have to do all the hiring-related activities yourself – creating a job description, posting the ad, screening resumes, interviewing, and making the final decision. To help you make the right choice, here are some insights from three experts:

Sara Sutton Fell, CEO, Flexjobs

  • Find people who are qualified and skilled to do the job
  • Find those who are in the right place in their lives/career to work in a small, entrepreneurial company
  • Make sure you are able to ‘connect’ with them so that you can work with them

Mitchell D. Weiss, Principal, M.D Weiss LLC

Look for focus, intellectual and aptitudinal flexibility (ability and willingness to think and do differently), attitude and character.

Bill Boyer, President and Facilitator, Tidewater CEO

Have everyone take a DiSC Profile. While it is a personality test in the same vein as Myers-Briggs, this tells you much more about how each individual will interact with others and will indicate what drives them.

Here are insights from other experts:

Al Wynant, CEO, EventInterface

Matt Lea, CEO, Schematical

Sonny Newman, President, EE Technologies

Gordon Logan, CEO, Sport Clips Haircuts

Payal Kadakia, CEO, Classtivity

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