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Online Recruitment Training Education and Courses for Recruiting Professionals Seeking Career Growth

In Hiring Strategy — by Dave Anderson

Recruiting professional growing her career

Most recruiters understand the importance of ongoing education and professional development. You know the best candidates are always refining their craft so you should strive to do the same.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to access educational content. There are numerous online schools and courses recruiting professionals like you can take advantage of to expand your skills and knowledge. Taking a few online courses will make you better at your current job and more attractive to hiring companies when you decide it’s time to take your next career step.

The options for online recruiting education vary in terms of course structure, cost and required time commitment so we put together this helpful article you can use to select your ideal course.

Online Recruitment Training

There are a handful of online courses and certification programs specifically for recruiting professional. Here are a few worth considering:

LinkedIn – Recruiter Certification

The largest professional social network naturally offers a respected recruiting certification program. Their curriculum covers the end-to-end hiring process while touching on the benefits of using LinkedIn to recruit and hire.

Cost: $199 for the certification exam

The Recruitment Education Institute

The Recruitment Education Institute is an entirely online school devoted to professional development for recruiters. They offer numerous video courses on specific topics, as well as an in-depth recruiter certification program.

Cost: Courses range from $25-$250. The certification program costs $799.95

Lorman – Recruiting Skills Training & Continuing Education
Lorman provides continuing education for different professions. Their recruiter courses focus on managing a hiring budget and the importance of onboarding and employee retention.

Cost: Courses range from $99-$249. An annual all-access pass costs $699.

Alison – Modern Human Resource Management – Recruitment and Selection Process

Alison is an upstart online school that offers a free certification course for recruiters. It’s broken down into four modules that each cover specific stages in the hiring process.

Cost: Free

Recruiting Toolbox – Recruiter & Hiring Manager Training

Recruiting Toolbox is made up of former corporate recruiting leaders and focuses completely on hiring education. They offer custom training for recruiting teams made up of 10+ people and plan on releasing online courses for individual recruiters later this year.

Cost: Contact Recruiting Toolbox for custom training pricing.

Monster – Online Recruitment Training

Monster offers a free online resources center that helps recruiters get the most out of the job board. They also provide custom training webinars for entire recruiting teams, as opposed to individual recruiters.

Cost: The online resource center is free. Contact Monster for custom webinar pricing.

Online schools with recruiting courses

Online schools that cover a variety of topics have become a popular way to learn over the past few years. Here is what some of the well-known schools offer for educational recruiting and hiring content:

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Coursera has quite a few human resources courses that touch on hiring but we were only able to find one hiring-specific course currently being offered.


They have a lot of recruiting and hiring content, ranging from short videos to lengthy courses and learning paths. Here are a few that stood out:

Like Lynda, Udemy offers quite a few recruiting courses but focuses on teaching specific skills through a combination of videos and articles. Here are a few of their recruiting courses:

TedTalks & Educational Videos

Sometimes you don’t have the time or money for a full-on recruiting course. In these situations, quality videos and lectures are a nice alternative. Here are a few TedTalks and educational YouTube videos worth watching when you have a free moment:

People who are great at what they do never stop learning. They’re always sharpening their skills so they can be more valuable to their current employer and increase their future career prospects.

Take advantage of the educational resources that are available to recruiting professionals and set yourself up for success.

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