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Our Quick Guide to Job Boards: Where To Post

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Noel Diem

Once you’ve written a job description that will pull in ideal talent, you’ve gotten the go-ahead to post the opening, and you are ready to start collecting resumes – what do you do now? You can post your job openings in hundreds of places, but should you post them everywhere? The short answer is no; you shouldn’t post your job opening on hundreds of websites. You’re only going to make yourself more work. If you use an automated posting tool and applicant tracking system like Trakstar Hire, it is easier than ever, but you still probably don’t want it everywhere possible.

There are some great places to post your job openings, and then there are places where you will only get spam applicants – and there is everywhere else in between. Here’s our advice for posting your job openings to the best job boards.

The Best Places To List Your Job Openings

So, where are the absolute best places to post your job openings online? It’s going to depend, primarily, on who you want your talent to be. Certain websites and job boards are better for finding specific types of talent than others. For new and growing companies, it might even require a bit of “guess and check” work. 

However, these job boards and websites are some of the best across various industries:


Indeed is one of the most popular job boards, with over 5 million positions posted on the website. It’s a search engine where job seekers can put in query strings (such as titles, location, skills, etc.) and find openings that fit their queries. They can upload resumes and automatically apply to many job openings.

Applicants can track their applications on Indeed to see whether or not the role has been filled.


SimplyHired is a lot like Indeed, but it has fewer job openings. With over 30 million unique visitors a month, it is still a great source of applicants. While not always true, the quality of your applicants may be better with SimpleHired simply because spam accounts target Indeed.

Companies will make some of their best hires from SimplyHired, but they may get duplicate applications from it – many people who search here will also search on other platforms and job boards. is a job posting site with over 10 million jobs added in the last seven days – and you can see an updated counter. Job seekers can search for specific jobs or browse titles using quick tags. They’re also able to look for openings at particular companies or locations. isn’t the most elaborate site, but it is one of the most extensive ones.


At any given moment, Adzuna has over 3 million job openings. Users can search for job openings, get alerts sent to their phones for specific keywords or job titles, and get a list of “matches” that feature skills and requirements they have listed on their resumes.

Adzuna is an excellent resource for people who take the time to write the best job descriptions. It requires some optimization to get the best results – but Trakstar Hire can help ensure you craft the perfect job description.


Another site for people to peruse jobs and save their resumes to get notifications, SnagAJob is one of the more memorable job search websites. The great thing about SnagAJob is that you’re able to put a little more information, including your hiring timeline, so that job seekers know what to expect if they put in their resumes. While you can always include this information in your job description, SnagAJob puts it front and center if you are “urgently hiring.”


Another common site for job seekers and job postings, ZipRecruiter, is one of the most popular, well-known job boards. It can sometimes get crowded, which is why you need to be creative in your post. If you have a unique job or you just haven’t been able to find the right candidate, ZipRecruiter is the place for you to post jobs.


For professional jobs, few job boards have a more extensive reach than the largest professional social networking site, LinkedIn. With over 300 million members, LinkedIn allows people to actively and passively look for job openings using keywords, titles, locations, and more. LinkedIn allows you to post jobs, get resumes, or link to your external jobs site to get more information about your chosen candidate.

You’re most likely going to LinkedIn to do some fact-checking, so it makes sense to post there. 

Where Else Can You Try To Post Jobs?

Want to try some other places to post your job openings? Here are a few things that aren’t considered job boards, but may still be helpful.

Social Media

Posting your job opening on social media can feel like a bit of a stretch, particularly if you don’t invest much time in social media for your own company or think you can’t find the right person. However, social media is an excellent resource for most companies. Why? Everyone is on social media somewhere! It’s also beneficial to cross-post on different social sites and on your own career sites with the same information and text.

Click here for a complete guide to recruiting using social media.

Career Site

Of course, you’ll want to have a career site on your own company website as well. Why? Often, there are job seekers – internal and external – who will go there just to see if you have an opening. In an era where jobs are posted all over the internet, it is common for people to cross-reference jobs on a career site because they don’t want to waste their time. Many job postings aren’t taken down after the roll has been filled, so people will apply for jobs that don’t need filling. 

While it would be easier if we all followed best practices and deleted job postings once they were filled, this isn’t likely.

Local Sites

Are you hiring for an in-person position? It’s a good idea to post on local websites where people will see your posting right away. There are a few different resources you can look out for here, including:

  • Community boards
  • Craigslist, Facebook pages, and even Neighborhood apps
  • Local newspaper or news websites
  • School or college websites

Locality is a superpower when posting jobs, so be sure you use it! 

How Do I Start Posting My Jobs Online?

If you want to narrow down where you’re posting your job descriptions, you should start thinking about where people in your industry post job openings. Think seriously about the types of websites your ideal candidates frequent. 

You can also measure the performance of your most recent listing. Which job boards led to better hires? How many candidates did you have to choose from? Were you able to build talent pools? We can help you identify your top-performing job boards if you use our software, or you can figure it out manually.

Many organizations will use recruiting services or paid placements for jobs they are urgently hiring. This gets you in front of the highest number of people, but you’ll still need to have a great posting and title to get attention, particularly from younger audiences.

Want to Streamline Job Postings?

We all know that speed-to-hire is one of the most significant drivers of whether we get our top talent or just miss them. If you want to learn more about automating job postings or see Trakstar Hire in action, schedule a live demo today

Remember that getting people to see your job posting is just the beginning! You want to ensure that you welcome them into your organization with a fantastic onboarding experience, build them up as leaders and employees with consistent training, and give them valuable feedback as it relates to their original job description and why they were hired.

Trakstar Hire is considered the most user-friendly hiring software on the market. If you’re ready to take your recruiting and hiring to the next level, request a Trakstar Hire demo today.

Trakstar Hire is considered the most user friendly hiring software on the market. If you’re ready to take your recruiting and hiring to the next level, request a Trakstar Hire demo today.

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