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Productivity VS Product Cavity

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There is nothing wrong with doing things simply and manually. In fact, many times I find it faster to do things manually than to use a so called technology tool promising me productivity. How do I even measure this productivity? If something takes me several minutes to understand and a few days to get used to – how am I productive? Quite the contrary!

As an early adopter, I am open to putting any productivity software – web-based or otherwise – to the test. If it saves me time, organizes my thoughts and information, and manages my precise problem for using it, then I am sold. Being free is not a selling point. Free or not – folks will not waste their time on a solution that does not help them.

Even if this tool solves one specific problem – a large problem – it is worth my time. One such problem I came across was hiring. Right when a small team is ramping up to hire people, including hiring its first HR employee, they get flooded with resumes in their email. We all know this problem. I can print and sort them, use excel and have meetings, but at the end of the day – everything is not in the same place. Maybe it’s in my gmail folder. But what about the ones on standby? Or the rejected candidates? Should I delete them? How do I discuss interview notes and conclusions with my team? Should we keep emailing back and forth?

At first, I thought that the above process was ok. What is so manual about it? Email is fast. But when you compare it to a tool which integrates and cuts down these cyclical steps into a one-time progressive flow – you start saving time and making decisions at a different level. While building recruiterbox, our priority was to enable small teams to hire collaboratively, but in a less time consuming way. We wanted to solve the time and collaboration problem very well – and focus just on that. We listened to our customers – startups and small companies, entrepreneurs and managers – and gave them just what they wanted. Giving more and more features would not impress them. Spending the least amount of time logged into the system is what these folks were looking for.

Even though the attractive UI seduces you to spend more time inside, the simplicity and affordability is what you fall in love with.

Bye from the Box,

Raj Sheth

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