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Recruiterbox Named Most User-Friendly Applicant Tracking Software

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Erin Engstrom

Business software reviews website Capterra recently released its inaugural list of the most user-friendly applicant tracking software. “We’re already specialized in recommending applicant tracking systems for businesses of all sizes, now we’re taking that expertise one step further with direct user-testing,” they wrote in announcing the list.

Capterra has 216 applicant tracking systems in its database, and their list recognizes the top 20. We’re honored that Recruiterbox was singled out as the number-one most user-friendly applicant tracking software:

most user friendly applicant tracking software

Capterra used their Customer Experience algorithm to determine user-friendliness scores. This algorithm produces a weighted and ranked score based on:

  1. Usability (50 percent)
  2. Customer Service (30 percent)
  3. Customer Reviews (20 percent)

According to Capterra, “usability” includes system efficiency, intuitiveness, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.

“Customer service” refers to implementation, training, and support services offered by each software.

“Customer reviews” draw upon direct user-generated data pertaining to the software’s ease-of-use and customer support.

Recruiterbox achieved a user-friendliness score of 93 on a 100-point scale, eight points higher than the next-highest score.

recruiterbox user-friendlu applicant tracking software


Usability data, which accounts for 50 percent of the score, came primarily from Capterra’s team of software testers. Their tests measure tasks on both completion times and the number of clicks it takes to complete a task.

Capterra’s software testers measured seven tasks users commonly perform in applicant tracking system:

  1. Create a job listing
  2. Upload a resume
  3. Create a customized email template
  4. Send an email to a candidate
  5. Request/schedule an interview
  6. Change a candidate’s status to “hired”
  7. Create a report on open job positions

Capterra found that on average, it took about 38 seconds and just over 10 clicks to perform a given task in an applicant tracking system. As you can see, the time to complete a task in Recruiterbox was well below the mean:

applicant tracking tasks

After completing all the tasks, each tester rated applicant tracking systems on the System Usability Scale (SUS), an industry-standard score determined by a questionnaire that measures user satisfaction.

Capterra testers completed two rounds of testing in each applicant tracking system. For the first round, they completed tasks without prior training, to measure systems’ intuitiveness. For the second round, the evaluated systems’ available training resources, and then performed the same tasks in the system a second time.

Recruiterbox’s first-round score of 76 percent was seven points higher than the next applicant tracking software.

Customer Service

Customer service accounted for 30 percent of the user-friendliness score. As it pertains to applicant tracking systems, Capterra breaks down customer service into three different categories:

  • Implementation: Getting set up and configuring the software for your company’s individual needs
  • Training: Answering questions about getting started and performing basic tasks
  • Customer support: How you can reach the company if you have a technical difficulty

Capterra assessed the following list of services:


  • Open API
  • Workflow configuration
  • Brand configuration
  • Notification/alert configuration
  • Permissions
  • Pre-built integrations


  • Videos
  • Manuals/training documents
  • Demos
  • Webinars
  • On-site


  • Email/help desk
  • FAQ/knowledge base
  • Phone support – business hours
  • Live 24/7
  • Live chat

Capterra scored applicant tracking software on a binary system, based on whether or not they offer these services. Recruiterbox topped all applicant tracking systems with a customer service score of 94 percent.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews determined 20 percent of the user-friendliness score. Capterra took into account not only its own customer review data, but also that from its sister companies’ sites, GetApp and Software Advice. This part of the user-friendliness score was determined by an aggregate of how customers rated “ease of use” and “customer service” for each applicant tracking system across all three sites.

In 39 reviews across the three sites, Recruiterbox averaged four-and-a-half out of five stars for both ease of use and customer service.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself just how user-friendly Recruiterbox is, we encourage you to sign up for a live demo today!

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